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welcome back to "newsline" in tokyo. police in the u.s. state of connecticut say a shooting has left 26 people dead, they said 20 victims are children. president obama offered words of comfort to grieving families. the shooter forced his way into sandy hook elementary school in newtown on friday morning. u.s. media say it was a man in his 20s and say he had two guns and wearing a bullet proof vest. police say the man fired at children and teachers in two rooms and some reports say the
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victims include the attacker's mother who was a teacher. more than 600 people attend the children. teachers and police officers took survivors to safety. police are reportedly questioning a brother of the shooter. president obama spoke to the nation. we've endured too much of these tragedies and each team i learn the news i react not as a president but as anybody else would as a parent. and that was especially true today. the majority of those who died today were children, beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. european union leaders have agreed to consider all options to help syria's opposition forced oust president assad.
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adopting a statement on syria on friday, the statement says the eu is appalled by the deteriorating situation. >> for a real political process to take place. the european council remains actively engaged and asks the foreign affairs council to look -- i'm quoting, at all options to support and -- >> the eu has been increasing sanctions on the assad administration since may of last year. the measures include bans on oil imports from syria and transactions with the country's central bank. at the meeting earlier this week, eu foreign ministers agreed to recognize the opposition syrian national coalition as a legitimate representative of the syrian people and rally support for the group. leaders in japan and china
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are engaged in a despite over islands in the east chinese sea. the chinese are taking a new tactic in their efforts to press their claim. they told united nations officials their country extending far enough under the sea to encompass the islands. officials with china's foreign ministry said they made a legal claim based on the u.n. convention on the law of the sea. they argue their country's continental shelf extends to the senkaku islands. japan controls the islands. government leaders nationalized them earlier this year. if they approve the claim, the chinese will gain the right to develop resources in the sea bed. chinese foreign minister weighed in the communist newspaper, the people's daily, said they strongly oppose the nationalization of the islands.
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voters will be heading to the polls on sunday for japan's first general election in three years. politicians have been trying to appeal to an undecided constituency, young people. the problem is many in their 20s simply aren't interested in voting. here's more. >> reporter: many young people seem less than enthused by the election. their feelings about it are couched in can'ts and don't and wants. >> translator: i don't think i will go to the polls. >> translator: i don't even know where the polling stations are. >> i don't know what to do to vote. >> translator: i want to go but i won't have time. >> translator: i'm probably go but i don't think my vote will change anything.
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>> increasing proportions of people in their 20s turned out in the past two elections, but only slightly. less than half of that age group cast a ballot in the last lower house election three years ago. about one third of those who graduated from university last spring could not find a job. >> translator: i'm anxious about my prospects because some of them -- on the job. >> translator: people talk about the difficult job market all the time but i'll keep doing my best. >> reporter: but many have been unable to land a full-time staff job. more than 5 million japanese under the age of 34 are nonregular workers and have to pay more taxes to support an aging society. in 2010, 2.8 taxpayers between ages 15 and 64 supported those
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over 65. by 2055, 1.3 people will support one elderly person. many young people haven't committed to a political party. so leaders are trying to draw them in. >> translator: people spend the first half of their life paying for someone el's retirement. we have to make sure we have enough money left for them. >> translator: our party will increase private and public investment, boost consumption and create more jobs. >> reporter: a group of university students got together a few years ago to fight against youth apathy. they called their friends to get out the vote. then they started a website to inform young people about the election. it's called i vote. the group put up a map on the
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site showing polling stations in tokyo. users can click on their station, then find nice spots where they can meet other young people after voting. >> translator: the idea is spread the message among as many young people as we can that it is up to us to build our future. >> reporter: while some young people are trying to engage themselves and others in politics, many japanese youth feel like young voters elsewhere that politicians don't have their interest at heart and that their opinions don't count. nhk world, tokyo. >> nhk world special coverage of japan's general election is a click or tap away. on december 16th, we'll be adding our projections and results of key international races to our web and mobile sites and background and analysis and in depth reports.
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get online and get informed. >> coming up, the three day world weather forecast.
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that wraps up this edition of "newsline." thank you for watching.
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